Lios Design Studio, LLC

Lios Design Studio, LLC, a full service architectural design and planning firm, provides innovative architectural design and planning solutions to suit the needs of a wide range of clients. We deliver distinctive architectural services, as we have for the past fifteen years, for residential and commercial projects such as custom homes, additions, renovation projects, spec homes, restaurants, and retail developments.

Nick Lios, principal of Lios Design Studio, LLC, is guided by the philosophy and practice of a commitment to cooperative client dialogue, an adaptability to client’s needs, and the most comprehensive ongoing assessment and management of the individual projects themselves. Nick Lios and other members of the firm have fulfilled an essential component of the education process, by studying Architecture at Ecole de Beaux Arts, in Paris, where they were trained in European Classicism. The firm strives for historically accurate design within the development of all the projects, regardless of architectural style. Our design team interprets clients’ visions in order to develop thoughtful design collaborations that translate into practical planning and construction methods for aesthetically inspiring results.

With over ten years in the industry, Lios Design Studio, LLC, has been established as an innovative, flexible, and thorough firm with a focus on professionalism. The benefits of utilizing our firm’s services as part of your team throughout the duration of the project is evident in the exemplary work that we generate according to your specific requests. Our services include building design, interior design, architectural millwork design, site planning, project analysis, permit approval, and construction administration. Our Project team researches building systems, design, code analysis, regulatory requirements, contracts, and project specifications. We are dedicated to building upon the groundwork of our distinguished collective expertise in order to promote lasting and successful relationships with our clients and community.

Outsource for Other Architectural Firms

Seventy-five percent of the work that Lios Design Studio, LLC, generates is for other architectural firms producing design development drawings, construction documents and highly detailed laser measured existing conditions onto CAD with photo documentation. Lios Design Studio, LLC also specializes in architectural photography, high-resolution prints and posters, as well as highly detailed, realistic looking architectural scale models.

For more information on how we can facilitate your architectural design and planning needs, or, for client references, contact us at or by phone at 917-592-8660. We look forward to working with you.